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by Mae “Come back to me” he whispered as he slowed his thrust and pinched my nipple, bringing me back into my body. I was drifting through another dimension of pleasure disconnected from this world.  I was on another plane, which I can only experience with him where it’s safe. A place I feel comfortable…


A well-needed respite …which, is really what it was—a break from the ever-indulgent world of high-intensity sexual arousal.  In the months following our first encounter, we had a few more experiences—all of them enjoyable for everyone involved.  During that tumultuous time, we grew more as a couple in that six months than at any time…


It’s been a while.  We’re still here.  Last year when we decided to take the plunge and introduce cuckolding into our marriage dynamic we jumped in and never came up for air. One thing after another, we were riding the high-highs of non-monogamy and low-lows of trying to figure out what each of us needed.…

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