Sexual Incarceration

On Male Chastity and the Resulting Benefits

I am a writer.

I am a husband.

I am a father.

I am a leader in business.

I am an expert in my field.

I am sometimes confident.

I am reserved.

I am powerful.

I am a cuckold.

…and I wear a chastity cage. I wear this cage as an expression of love and devotion to my wife. She wears her key to my chastity cage proudly around her neck as an expression of love and devotion to me. We engage in chastity because we are devoted to each other. 

When we began this exciting Lifestyle journey together, we had no idea what chastity was or why people would engage in it. After joining the Twitter Lifestyle community, we discovered how cuckold couples use chastity in their marriage to support their cuckold activities. When we discovered how much fun these couples were having, we realized we were missing out on something—but what? 

I asked a few of my newfound Lifestyle friends why they engaged in chastity and what devices they were using. All of these men shared their thoughts and feelings on the subject and there seemed to be one major commonality between them—they wanted to give their power over their orgasms to their wives. 

But this dynamic was supposed to be about me, right? After all, I was the one who pushed so hard for this dynamic for the last six years.

This was one of my earlier preconceived notions about the Lifestyle that ultimately proved to be untrue. 

Chasity Devices and Power Transference 

After taking a series of measurements (several times over), I ordered my first chastity cage from KINK3D based on a recommendation from one of my Lifestyle friends. Ordering the device was the first step into the world of chastity, but I also needed to get my wife something to hold her power on—a necklace. I ordered the necklace from a local jewelry store and waited patiently for my plastic resin prison to arrive. 

It arrived a few days later in an unmarked package and I couldn’t wait to try it on. After some painstaking installation, I was able to get the device secured onto my cock. I invited Mae into our room and immediately fell to one knee as I presented her with the necklace and key. With some apprehension in my voice, I asked “Will you be my cuckoldress?” With a gleam in her eye, and a wide grin on her face, she accepted my gift and examined my enclosed cock carefully before sliding the barrel lock in place and securing the contraption. She smiled and placed the key around her neck—letting it settle between her large breasts. 

Prior to experimenting with chastity, I was enjoying at least four or five orgasms per day. Once my penis was encased in its plastic prison, my orgasms were numbered. We didn’t realize just how much she would enjoy controlling my orgasms and I didn’t realize how much I liked her taking them from me. However, not being allowed to orgasm before bed was the most frustrating of all. The constant bid for control was reaching new heights. 

Over the course of the next few months, we engaged and disengaged from chastity constantly. Some weeks we heavily participated; other weeks life happened and we needed to pull things back a bit. 

While the KINK3D chastity cage was comfortable, I was curious what other cages felt like so I decided to ask around again for chastity device recommendations. A different Lifestyle friend recommended a CB-X chastity cage. This chastity kit came with several sizing options to ensure a more secure fit. I was intrigued by this device and decided to give it a shot. The kit arrived a few days later and I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent fitment—although, only after trying several of the adapters. 

After wearing this cage for a few days, it quickly became my go-to device. This cage was far more “encasing” than my other cage. My balls and my cock were truly “locked in love” with no way to escape.


We didn’t have any preconceived ideas of what chastity was or what it could do for our relationship, so we navigated these uncharted waters together. During the month of July, we engaged in a challenge of sorts with some agreed upon rules to ensure satisfaction of both parties. We agreed that I would give her compete control over my cock and, in return, she would ensure that I was well taken care of—all I had to do was give her my complete trust. 

Some of the rules we came up with for each month:

  • Qty (2) 72-hour periods of chastity
  • Qty (3) 48-hour periods of chastity
  • No limit on 24-hour periods of chastity

My first month in chastity went better than expected. There were moments that I was extremely frustrated and there were moments that my love for her was stronger than ever before. In my experience, the first day is always the most difficult–especially with all the teasing. However, something takes place on the second day that’s hard to describe. The frustration and angst from the first day are replaced with overwhelming feelings of submission and servitude for my partner. In these moments, Mae can get me to agree to almost anything.

Prior to engaging in chastity, or the Lifestyle, I was very dominant in our relationship. Our sex life was very much controlled by me; therefore, this was the beginning of a power transference to her. I was no longer the decider when it came to the bedroom. This was officially becoming her arena and she never missed an opportunity to make sure I understood that. 

The chastity device has pushed me to new limits of submission and servitude with Mae. After our normal marriage arguments, I have often fallen to my knees to kiss her feet and reaffirm her control over me. These submissive feelings were (and still are) intoxicating. As a [recovering] alpha male, those new feelings of submission to my wife have been difficult to understand and process, but, as time has progressed, the idea of placing her on a pedestal to be worshipped has never left my mind. After so many years of misogyny, it feels refreshing to fight the patriarchy with some female worship.

When I walk around my workplace, I can feel the cage grasping tightly around my cock—providing a constant reminder of who owns it. I have learned to enjoy the feelings it has provided me and Mae was beginning to feel more confident in her power and would constantly provide mental stimulation while I was away from her. She enjoys posting pictures of herself on Twitter just to tease me a bit further. The sensation of my cock attempting to become aroused in its plastic housing actually feels quite enjoyable and provides a state of constant arousal and submission.

When Mae engages in play with others, I wear my cage as a symbol of my devotion to her in that moment. Mae’s physical arousal increases through the realization that my physical arousal must wait until she is satiated with her sexual experience.


The most surprising benefit of my experience in male chastity was the newfound confidence I found within myself. When I wear my cage, I stand a little taller and walk around with an energy that exudes confidence. When I am at the office, I will routinely go to the restroom to take pictures of myself, with my cage visible, for my wife. When walking around a store, the feeling of the cage provides a sense of purpose that I’ve never really felt before. The idea of my beautiful wife owning my cock is truly a wonderful sensation and its power affects all aspects of my psyche.

Self-confidence has never been one of my stronger attributes. However, surrendering my sexual power to my spouse has given me confidence in not only myself but also in my interactions with others. Simply wearing the cage has a tremendous affect on my mental state and has greatly attributed to many positive experiences in recent months.

Looking Onward

Will we continue engaging in male chastity as we move forward on our Lifestyle journey?

Yes. I have found chastity to be highly beneficial for our Lifestyle. The benefits far outweigh what few negative experiences we have.

What negative experiences have I had?

Not being able to orgasm daily is perhaps the most difficult; however, the level or pleasure in my orgasms have taken me to places I have never experienced before.

In addition, it is important to find a cage that is comfortable. If your balls are slipping painfully out of the cage, this can cause a highly negative experience. #savethetesticles

Does wearing a chastity device make me less than a man?

Absolutely not! It doesn’t make you a beta or a submissive (unless you want to be). Chastity can be whatever you and your partner want it to be. Chastity simply transfers the power of sexual control over to your partner–and that can be a beautiful thing!

What are your experiences with chastity? Do you feel similar? Do you feel different? Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to respond.

2 thoughts on “Sexual Incarceration

  1. Yes to your last paragraph. Media imagery does not portray “chastity” in the piece it fits as to our experience.
    For me / us my cage role has become a link , a bond between us, together in mind when not in body.
    Part of preparations such as fixing a stocking top, a calming security encased whilst feelings abound. And a heightening part of reuniting and release.
    There are no periods of days to describe at present, all though I wholly envisage cage and keys to be integral with any future extended period apart, likely largely for me but also present and symbolic of our bond with MrsF.


  2. What you have described so beautifully is for me as if you were writing about me.


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