This post contains all the details for our first hotwife/cuckold encounter with another man. Due to the overwhelming amount of emotion for both of us on this encounter, we decided to write it together. If we did our job correctly, you will be able to feel all the emotions we felt leading up to and during the event. While some dirty details have been omitted to protect the innocent, we did include some for those who enjoy them. Just know that the actual event was far more sexy than what is written here.

For those new to the lifestyle (as we are) or who are interested in the lifestyle, know that it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. While we are closer emotionally and physically than at any other point in our relationship, we have had many struggles these last few months. This lifestyle will bring all of your positive and negative emotions to the surface leaving you no choice but to confront and reconcile them. Issues will arise and you have to be prepared to process them. We would like to give special thanks to our more experienced twitter friends who helped us in recent weeks.


I thought back to earlier in the week when I was walking around the mall, looking for Victoria Secret so that I could buy my “slutfume.” I reflected on the confidence radiating out of me. I was anticipating and ready for the weekend ahead. I grabbed two different scents, one to tease my husband with, and another to wear for the man I was going to fuck. Then, I thought about the next couple of days, I planned and prepped, I picked out my outfits, waxed myself, and painted my nails. I had fantasized with Ryan so many times over the past nights, we had everything planned, and then, just nothing. Our date cancelled. All of it was ripped away in the exchange of just a few texts that left me defeated, and that sucked every bit of light, confidence, hope, and anticipation right out of me, leaving me numb. I had planned for weeks, I mean a solid 21 days we had planned to meet, the amount of patience I had to have, and for what? It was just gone.


Our tenth anniversary had finally arrived and it was a beautiful Friday. I woke Mae early in the morning with her usual iced coffee and sat in the chair near our bed. I drank my own coffee while I watched her wake from her slumber. “Happy Anniversary,” I said as the fog of sleep lifted from her eyes. Mae looked absolutely beautiful as she slept. Mae had never been a morning person and the fact that it was our ten year anniversary didn’t change anything. 

We talked and fantasized about our newfound lifestyle while we watched the clock tick back the seconds. I was late for work, again; something that had been happening a lot lately. I showered, got dressed, and informed Mae that I was ready for her to come into the bathroom. She practically skipped into the bathroom key in hand ready to take my power into herself. 

Ten years of marriage is a beautiful thing and I coasted through my whole workday on its energy. I left the office early and headed home to pick up my date. As I neared our house, I received a text from Mae. It said, “Kids are at the sitters; I’m getting in the shower.” “I’ll be there in five minutes,” I replied. I slammed my car into the garage and ran into our now kid-free home leaving my clothes in my wake. By the time I reached our bedroom, I had three dogs chasing my naked body into our master bathroom. I found Mae naked, in the shower, waiting for me.


He busted through the bathroom door, clothes off with a look of urgency spread across his face. He got in the shower with me and I instantly melted into him. I was happy he was home with me, I was happy there were no kids there, I was happy to be able to celebrate our 10 years of marriage together, and I was happy it was just us in that moment. I needed his embrace and he met me with exactly what I was looking for. I needed his attention and he gave it to me, just like he always does. He took care of me. In that moment, I knew I hadn’t lost anything, or missed out on anything, I had everything I needed in front of me. 

On the way to dinner, I held his hand in the car and it felt electric. Our connection over the last 6 weeks had been intense. We had worked through so much together and it certainly wasn’t all great. We had major fights about misunderstandings, we cried together, we broke down together multiple times, and yet, all of that needed to happen. I love how deep I feel his love these days. 

During dinner, we talked openly about the Lifestyle in a public place. Topics came up that had to be halted every time our waitress came to our table, it was thrilling. We looked around the restaurant trying to see if we could spot others that were in the lifestyle, even though we knew the chances were slim. We laughed, connected, and enjoyed every second of our time together. We talked about our plans for the weekend, and we decided that we should still go out and have fun, do something, just meet someone for drinks at least.  We decided to message a man (who we’ll call X) that we had been talking with for a little bit to see if he was free. I sent the message, put my phone down, and had zero expectations. 


After a few short moments, our phones emitted an audible chirp indicating a new KiK message had been received. X had accepted our proposition for drinks and the only decision we had left to make was which bar we wanted to meet at. After focusing on our children for so many years, we realized we had no idea how to go about choosing a bar. We told him we would let him know tomorrow and resumed focusing on each other. 

After dinner, we picked up our children at a friends house and sped home to put them to bed. Once they were finally asleep, we made love for several hours while listening to R&B music that our sixteen year old selves had once frequently enjoyed. Mae looked incredibly sexy in the candlelight. Her smooth pussy ached for my touch. I grabbed her and slid two fingers in and gently massaged her g-spot. Watching her rock back and forth on my hand while moaning with each intermittent thrust of my fingers was insanely erotic. 

Since deciding to embark on our journey into this lifestyle, we have spent our weekend evenings exploring each other in ways we never thought possible. On most other evenings, we retire to our bedroom to listen to a podcast, read a book, or do a little writing. This, of course, gets Mae going and she is always quick to take some clothes off. Sitting on our bed in just her panties demanding a back massage, I happily oblige to all her demands. 

The next day we awoke all too early to our responsibilities crashing through our bedroom door. While drinking our morning coffee, we discussed bar options for tonights big date. After reviewing the available bars in our area we settled on one. Drinks were at 7:00PM and we had a whole day to stew on our emotions.

“Just drinks,” she had said. How wrong she was. 


“Eh,” I thought to myself when deciding what to wear. I certainly wasn’t wearing the lingerie I had bought. I had spent all day cleaning the house, I wasn’t very excited to go out because I didn’t really know what to expect, the guy seemed nice, and respectful, but I didn’t have a lot to go on from the texts that we had exchanged. Of course I wanted to look nice, but it wasn’t the date night that I was planning for all week. I had worked myself up to get fucked by another man, and yet, here I was just getting drinks to meet someone new. It was something, and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone at least a little since we had already hired a sitter for the night. 

I took a shower, did my hair and makeup, and we were off. We got there early and sat in the car discussing proper bar etiquette, where we would sit, when we would go in, or if we should wait for him. All of that obviously didn’t matter, and we knew that all of our concerns were just nerves from the unknown. I was terrified that Ryan would have a hard time with it. I kept saying, “We’re just meeting a friend to have a few drinks, what could go wrong? Nothing is going to happen.” 

X got there and looked like his picture, so far so good. We sat and ordered drinks, and had pleasant conversations about work, and life. I kept grabbing Ryan’s leg as a silent check in, since he seemed a bit quiet. We talked small talk and it was easy and effortless, which helped me relax and feel like myself. Having Ryan by my side for this date also helped me be more relaxed and confident than when I had met solo. He made me (and always makes me) feel like I could do anything, be anything, and have anything I wanted in the world. I was never terrified or shaking like previous times. It was turning out to be a great night and I was happy we were able to get out of our comfort zone and do this together. But, this was just the beginning. 


“Why the hell is she grabbing my leg so much?” I thought to myself as I started in on my second beer. I reached over and reciprocated the leg grab and followed it up with a butt squeeze wishing we had created a leg-squeeze code language so we would have known how we felt in the moment. “Oh well,” I thought. The guy was pretty respectful and never seemed to edge past standard conversation. 

However, as I drank more alcohol, and the conversation turned outright naughty, I did notice his knee inching ever closer to Mae’s. “Was Mae’s knee also moving closer?” After a couple hours he flat out propositioned us. Mae turned to me and said, “You’re a planner, what do you think babe?” I was indeed a planner and this date was now entering uncharted territory. 

Our original date was going to be held at a hotel. We had bought lingerie specifically for the evening. We had so many plans. This situation was completely unplanned and not at all what we had expected our first time to be like. However, we were sitting at a bar with an actual opportunity to have this experience. Albeit at someones home rather than a public place. I looked over at our date and told him he was needing to use the restroom. I needed to speak with Mae in private to see how she was actually feeling. 

Even though Mae insisted on this being drinks only, not two hours ago in our car, we were now discussing actually going to his home only minutes away. Our heads swimming with intoxication, we made one of the biggest decision of our intimate lives. 


I didn’t know what to do, inside I was weighing options and trying to decide. I wanted to make sure Ryan was in a good place, and I also wanted to get my first time out of the way. We hardly knew this guy, but this is the reason we were here. We had a plan, but this was completely different and unexpected. I had to make a decision because they were both their waiting for me to. All the while, my old insecurities were coming up which prevented me from speaking up the way I wanted to. 

While our date was in the bathroom, I told Ryan we should do it. I also told him there was no commitment, but he knew me better than I knew myself in that moment and knew what was going to happen. I tried denying that it was actually happening, but I was only lying to myself at this point. When X got back from the bathroom I told him we would join him at his place. 

Inside I was asking myself, what were we doing? How did this happen? Is this what I wanted? Everything pointed to yes, there was nothing to lose and I was ready to dive in. I was also quite tipsy at this point which added to the decision making. 


We paid the tab and walked outside. The night air was warm and humid as it is on most summer evenings in Texas. As we walked to the rear of the parking lot where we had parked, we parted ways with X. We got in the car and looked nervously at each other. “We’re really about to do this?” I asked. “This is what you’ve wanted,” she replied. After a few moments of silence, a chime sounded on our phones. Another kik message, this one containing his address which happened to be an apartment complex nearby. I put the car in reverse and made my way out of the parking lot and onto the access road. The drive over to his place was loud with tension. My wife of 10 years, and partner of 13 years, was about to fuck another man. My emotions were running wild. 

We pulled into the apartment complex and soon found ourselves walking up a steep flight of stairs to his apartment. He greeted us at the door as if we were friends. We entered the apartment and we followed him into his living room. I sat in a small chair leaving Mae to sit on the futon with our date. Mae seemed uncomfortable and very nervous so I invited her to stand in front of me. She got up and walked over to the chair I was sitting in and, while sitting, I reached up and put my arms around her waist. I grabbed her firm ass and moved my hands up to her breasts. She was beginning to enjoy herself…and so was I. I looked over to see if our date was still on the futon but he had vanished. That’s when I realized that he was standing behind her kissing her neck. His hands reached around and cupped each breast and then one hand slowly moved down between her legs. 


Ryan thought I was uncomfortable on the couch, but I wasn’t. Sure, it was all new and I was a bit nervous, but I felt ready, ready to lead the show, ready to get fucked, ready to be reconnected with my husband afterwards. I was ready to be in this role we had toyed around with for so long now. I was ready to make it all a reality. When I stood in front of Ryan, I could feel the excitement radiating off of him, and kissed him with my matched excitement. I couldn’t help but think how he was processing all of this. It was happening so fast. 

I felt X come up behind me, and I immediately thought about how Ryan would react. They were both there, touching me, and giving me attention simultaneously. I felt torn between the two of them, I felt guilty for enjoying the touch of another mans hands on my body. I was building up feelings of overwhelm from feeling four hands caressing parts of my body that have only been touched by two hands for more than a decade. 

The breaking of our monogamy cord was about to officially happen, and it was powerful and overwhelming at the same time. X invited us to move it back to his bedroom, and we did. Ryan laid me on the bed and undressed me. X turned red lights on in his room, turned on some music, and the mood was set perfectly. I laid there on the bed, bare and vulnerable. I was nervous and shaking, and Ryan kissed me and touched my pussy. It felt like he was preparing me for X. I sat there anticipating, nervous, shivering, and excited. The whirl wind of insecurities with my body, the fact that I hadn’t prepared for this, or dressed for this, had me laying frozen, willing and desiring to receive direction. I didn’t know how to speak up, I felt frozen with overwhelming sensations.


I kissed Mae furiously as she laid on his bed, legs splayed open. My hand covered her pussy perfectly. “You better get your phone out,” she said. “You’ll regret not recording any of this later.” She was right; I would regret that later. I grabbed my iPhone, opened the camera app and hit record. X moved into the room and knelt between her legs. I looked into Mae’s eyes as  X moved her panties aside and he tasted her for the first time. I caressed her and supported her the only way I knew I could; I kissed her deeply. 


I felt X come into the room, watching me and Ryan together on the bed. I felt his cock in my hand, and it was bigger than I had expected. He climbed on the bed and went straight to my pussy. Two men’s lips were now on my body and I was reveling in the excitement.


I realized in these moments what I was truly excited about. I wasn’t here to solely watch my wife being penetrated by another man; although, that was very hot as well. No, I was here to witness the excitement and pleasure on her face. I was here to watch her head rock back in pleasure; an animalistic grin consuming her face. I was here to support her in her pleasure. In these moments, I was happy to help her in any way possible. After putting my pleasure first for so many years, it was a surreal experience putting her pleasure first. 


When X finally crawled on top of me I grabbed his cock first, I yearned for it to be inside of me. I felt conflicted between making sure my husband was happy and taken care of and my own pleasure. Once X finally put it inside of me, I melted. A switch had flipped and I was finally getting fucked by another man. He went deep inside me and was cautious not to hurt me. I wanted every inch of him. I wanted to be overtaken by his fucking, and I was. 

Both of their hands were on my body, so much touching, so much sensation to feel all at once. As he fucked me, there were times that I couldn’t think anymore. I felt like I was outside of my body, experiencing everything together, all at once in a vortex of pleasure. 

X asked me questions, I could barely answer them. Not only was I in and out of a decision making state, I was also so unsure of what I wanted in the moment. I wanted everything and couldn’t decide, I felt timid in making decisions, I was incapable of speaking up and speaking my mind. I think this was in part because it was a first time experience, and part because I reverted back to my people pleasing ways. I wanted to make sure others were happy and taken care of, and I chose to be silent and not speak up for myself. I was embarrassed to be feeling pleasure, but I couldn’t hold any of it back, and it was empowering. 


“Can you get me some water?” she asked while he was pounding her. I left the room to head to his kitchen for some water. On my return, I saw her in the same position lying facedown on the bed with him on top. It was hot leaving the room for a few seconds and coming back to such a surreal scene. 


The water brought me back to life, I was so parched and exhausted. The first orgasm was intense. My body lied there convulsing after the feral cries of pleasure left my body. X left for a few moments and Ryan gently rubbed my pussy, I could see the intense feelings he was experiencing. The love that radiated out of him at the sight of my pleasure was unlike anything I had seen before. 

I was ready to go again, I felt like I would never be satiated. I never wanted it to end. 


When Mae had finally been satiated, we gathered up our clothes and said our goodbyes. It was only about 11:15 PM and we still had the babysitter for a couple hours so Mae insisted on finding a place to park and get the feelings out before retiring to our home. I parked and we talked. The experience was so positive that it was difficult to find any negative feelings surrounding the experience. He was respectful to each of us and that was the most important thing. After we got all of our emotions on the table, we headed home to perform the fabled reclaiming. 


I still wasn’t satiated. There was nothing I, nor anyone else, could do that would have satiated me that night. The only thing that would help at this point was some food and unwinding. I was floating to the car after we parted ways with X. I sat there thinking how I needed to talk a few minutes to wrap my head around what all had just happened. I knew this was an experience that would take days to actually process, but I needed a recap. I needed to get back to myself a bit before dealing with the babysitter. 

We talked through it all, checked in with each other, and decided together that the experience was more than what we could have anticipated for our first time. 

As we got home and the sitter left, I grabbed all the food I could piece together and made a feast on our marriage bed. Ryan remarked at how my inner lioness was there, eating like a starved feral queen. That’s how I felt and I wasn’t ashamed about any of it. Ryan waited for me patiently. I brushed my teeth and settled down just enough to be ready to go again.

Together, Ryan and I reached new emotional and physical planes that we had never experienced before. 

It turns out that reconnecting with the person you love after fucking another person, is all it’s cracked up to be and more.


5 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Absolutely magnificent first experience! Congrats on a successful journey! The stopping to make sure the emotions were ok is outstanding. Well done you two!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You! The emotions are a rollercoaster. Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are adorable.
    It is nice to read about you and your beginning of the journey.
    This is where my wife and I were 21 years ago.
    It is still exciting.
    Right now she is in the Maldives with her oldest Bull for 2 weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! We appreciate when people can relate or see their own stories in ours.

      Liked by 2 people

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